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31 Stafford Avenue
Stafford, Virginia 22554

LOCATION: TBD – 2 positions

Date Closing: April 7, 2017



More information: or (540) 658-6560

Position Summary:

Under the supervision of the Superintendent, the Principal provides leadership for the school staff in the development, implementation, and evaluation of a comprehensive educational program and instructional program in accordance with school board policies and administrative regulations.

  1.       Hold the Postgraduate Professional Certificate with appropriate administrative endorsement and experience.
  2.       At least three years of successful full-time experience as an assistant principal or school based administrator, one (1) year of which is preferred to have been in the area or at the level to be supervised.     
  3.       Ongoing evidence of mental and physical competence to perform assigned responsibilities may be required from a qualified physician.
  4.       An applicant who has had prior experience in a related position must have a performance rating acceptable to Stafford County Public Schools for such experience.

Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities:
  1.       Demonstrate ability to assume leadership in pursuing the mission, goals, and objectives of the school division and of the school's annual plan.
  2.       Demonstrate effective time management and organizational skills.
  3.       Demonstrate ability to establish and maintain positive relationships with school/community support groups.
  4.       Demonstrate appropriate use of written and verbal communication; thorough knowledge of English grammar and usage.
  5.       Demonstrate ability to adapt to change and maintain flexibility.
  6.       Demonstrate ability to address criticism in an appropriate manner and develop constructive outcomes.
  7.       Demonstrate leadership qualities and personal characteristics necessary for working effectively with students, teachers and parents.
  8.       Demonstrate ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships with others.

Key Duties and Responsibilities:
  1.       Demonstrate professionalism in working with staff and community.
  2.       Listen to others and be receptive to new ideas.
  3.       Show sustained effort and enthusiasm in the quality and quantity of work accomplished.
  4.       Actively pursue professional growth activities.
  5.       Demonstrate loyalty to the school division, the School Board, the Superintendent and all staff members.
  6.       Assume responsibility for instructional leadership and effective school management.
  7.       Review and addend written job descriptions for all school staff as needed.
  8.       Develop a policies and procedures handbook for the school which is consistent with school board policies and division regulations.
  9.       Supervise the maintenance of accurate school records and reports.
10.       Approve the master teaching schedule, coordinate the scheduling process and make necessary assignments.
11.       Supervise and evaluate the school's co-curricular and extra-curricular program.
12.       Attend school sponsored activities.
13.       Implement the school board's student Code of Conduct effectively.
14.       Assume responsibility for a safe and healthy school environment.
15.       Participate in the selection, supervision, and assignment of all school building personnel.
16.       Assume responsibility for the supervision and evaluation of all licensed and service personnel.
17.       Conduct meetings of the staff as necessary for the proper functioning of the school.
18.       Keep the superintendent informed of the school's activities and problems.
19.       Respond promptly and thoroughly to written and oral requests for information .
20.       Assume responsibility for the organization and administration of the public relations program for the school, including all publications, official school correspondence and news releases.
21.       Provide assistance in the development, revision, and evaluation of the curriculum.
22.       Supervise all curriculum and support programs to enhance individual student education and development.
23.       Provide an orientation program for newly assigned staff members and assist in their development as appropriate.
24.       Work cooperatively with various members of the central administrative staff on school related and county-wide issues.
25.       Maintain school property in a neat, clean and appropriate condition and assume responsibility for the safety and administration of the school property, buildings, supplies, and equipment.
26.       Monitor the completion of inventories of all property under his/her jurisdiction and for the security, accountability, and distribution of that property, e.g., textbooks, computer technology.
27.       Prepare and administer the school budget, supervise school finances, prepare and submit the school's budgetary requests, and monitor expenditures of all funds according to adopted procedures.
28.       Maintain, control and account for the various local funds generated by student and school related activities.
29.       Participate in principals' meetings, division meetings, and such other meetings as are required or appropriate.
30.       Serve as a member of such committees and attend such meetings as directed by the Superintendent or designee.
31.       Supervise the daily use of the school facilities for both academic and non-academic purposes.
32.       Plan and supervise the emergency preparedness program, including fire drills, according to state law and division regulations.
33.       Provide for the appropriate safety of all personnel engaged in the school program and exercise decisive leadership in crisis situations.
34.       Serve as an ex-officio member of all committees and councils within his school.
35.       Assist in providing for the safe arrival and departure of students.
36.       Must work in close harmony with colleagues, supervisors, and co-workers.
37.       Maintain a clean, neat appearance, appropriate to position.
38.       Comply with all district and school policies and regulations.
39.       Adhere to guidelines of confidentiality as outlined in federal and state laws and School Board Policies and Procedures.
40.       Maintain a record of appropriate attendance and punctuality.
41.       Serve as an optimal role model for students, colleagues, and the general public.
42.       Actively pursue professional growth activities.
43.       Performs other duties as assigned.

Evaluated By:                          Superintendent and/or Designee

FLSA Classification:               Exempt

Terms of Employment:                        12 months according to Stafford County School Board calendar

Evaluation:                              Evaluation will be conducted in accordance with School Board Policies and Regulations.

Salary:                                    $71,797-105,023

​Hampton City Schools
Title I School Improvement Specialist Apply OnlineCategory: Administrator - Other Educational/Title I School Improvement Specialist
Date Posted: 7/11/2016
Location: School Leadership-Elementary&Compensatory Program
Date Closing: Open until filled

POSITION INFORMATION:                                                                                                             Apply Online

Review of applications will begin July 20, 2016.
Supervisor:   Executive Director of School Leadership
Employment Period:  12 months
Employment Status: Full-time
Salary: Commensurate with experience (grant-funded position)
Start Date: As soon as possible


The School Improvement Specialist will support the school improvement efforts of Title I principals where student achievement data indicate the need for assistance. This position will work alongside principals to build the instructional capacity of administrative teams, school leadership teams, and schools’ faculty.

Performance expectations include, but are not limited to, the following functions:

Provides guidance and direction to principals in the area of school improvement planning and instructional leadership.
Provides guidance and direction to principals in the development of a comprehensive professional learning plan to build staff capacity.
Meets regularly and works collaboratively with principals, school leadership teams, and division staff to advance school goals.
Models best practices in the area of instructional leadership.
Conducts classroom observations focused on instructional strategies and student achievement.
Participates in collaborative walkthrough observations and debrief meetings.
Reviews and analyzes student achievement data to assist the principal in data-driven decision making.
Builds a rapport with the school community and encourages a positive school environment focused on improving student learning.
Collaborates with Central Office to establish and monitor high standards of excellence with students, teachers, staff, administrators and other stakeholders.


Must possess a Virginia Postgraduate Professional License with an Administration and Supervision K-12 endorsement.
A minimum of three years as a successful principal in a K-12 school district.

You may apply anytime before midnight on the closing date.  The following information is required to be considered for the position:
Internal Candidates
Feedback on reference forms from all persons listed as references (minimum of three) 

External Candidates

Feedback on reference forms from all persons listed as references (minimum of three)
Most recent performance evaluation

Only complete applications will be considered.

 Internal Candidates