Clint Mitchell selected as Virginia’s Recipient of the 2021

NAESP National Distinguished Principal Award

Krista Barton-Arnold selected as the New Executive Director of the Virginia Association of Elementary School Principals.

New Year, New Reality


Fairfax, VIRGINIA – April 8, 2021 Dr. Clint Mitchell, principal of Mount Vernon Woods Elementary in Fairfax, VA was selected as Virginia’s recipient of the 2021 NAESP National Distinguished Principal Award. The award is presented each year as a collaborative effort between the National Association of Elementary School Principals (NAESP) and the Virginia Association of Elementary School Principals (VAESP).  Click here for full Press Release 

Richmond, VIRGINIA – July 18, 2021 Mrs. Krista Barton-Arnold was selected to be the 8th Executive Director of VAESP. Krista is replacing Mr. Jim Baldwin who is retiring as Executive Director August 31st.  Krista served as Principal, Parkway Elementary School since 2015. 

Krista has been in education in Virginia Beach City Public Schools for 36 years. Mrs. Barton-Arnold has been a principal for 18 years, as well as a Director of Elementary for VBCPS. She is originally from New York, and currently lives in Virginia Beach with her husband Tony.

Krista notes, " Education in 2021 is uncharted territory. There are so many factors facing educators today that there is no playbook to reference.  School administrators need to address pandemic recovery, virtual learning, equity, and divisive political climate to name a few. Now more than ever the community of our professional organization of VAESP/NAESP is essential for all administrators." 

Her many awards and recognitions include:  Elementary Instructional Leader Award, VBAESP Principal of the Year, VAESP School Bell Award, and VB Reading Council Reading Administrator of the Year.  Other achievements include: VBCPS Elementary School League Chair, VBAESP Board, President, ASCD faculty member, Disrupting Poverty Cadre, VBCPS Mentor Principal, VBAESP Newsletter Editor, and a presenter in multiple professional development opportunities and conferences.

" I am looking forward to providing high quality professional development to elementary and middle school principals to assist them during this challenging time in education. I am excited to be a voice on the state and national level to raise awareness and advocate for the needs of all our students." 

Call James P. Baldwin (VAESP headquarters) at 804-355-6791 for additional information.



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Diana Brown Named Virginia's Recipient of the 2021 NAESP National Outstanding Assistant Principal Award

In a surprise announcement during a staff meeting at the Seatack Achievable Dream Academy on March 22, 2021, Diana Brown was named as Virginia's 2021 National Outstanding Assistant Principal of the Year.  See the full press release here.  Congratulations, Diana!   

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